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ClusterStack is a state-of-the-art, AI-driven platform created to match those who want to move a country with Companies, Recruiters, and Services providers who are opening their services and job positions for tech experts.

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Artificial intelligence comes to be one of the human inventions that help make our world a better place. At ClusterStack we research and build secure AI services that learn to solve problems in the immigration process.

Where to- Discover countries and your odds to move - Check avg salary for your profession- Check your chances to get a new job and get a visa
Jobs/Recruitment- Search and apply to Visa Sponsored jobs - Easily submit your resume to jobs that fit you- Increase your chances to get a job
Portfólio- Create your resume - Highlight your achievements and experience- Connect to your Github and StackOverflow profile
Social- Share information within groups - Connect with people and build your network- Be more visible for recruiters/companies
Signals- See what is happening - Follow curated info from immigration institutions- Get notified when we have new news
Alerts- Receive curated job and service alerts- Allow you to be notified- Get notified when we have new features

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